The Islands of Holland

The Dutch Wadden IslandsThe west coast of Holland is almost a beach from north to south. The natural protections against the sea are the dunes. These products of wind, sun and water are one of Holland’s most interesting creatures of nature. They are the natural habitat of endanger species and therefore well protected by the Dutch government.The northern parts of the Dutch shore are the Wadden Islands. These Islands, Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog are now considered as World heritage. This decision has a great impact of the people living on these islands. Due to the new regulations it will be more difficult to build, or to propose for building, industry or business permissions.The Dutch Wadden islands are very popular among the German and Belgium tourists. Texel is the biggest Dutch Wadden Island, and is also the island with the most possibilities. The island can be reached by a ferry which leaves from Den Helder.It’s a short journey by the ferry takes about twenty minutes. Texel is famous for its vast flocks of sheep and birds, and for the pleasant villages. The variation in landscape on Texel is such that the island is often termed as ‘the Netherlands writ small’. These landscapes are worth seeing, too. Because

of their special value, the dunes of Texel have been designated as a National Park.Vlieland is Next Island close To Texel. A great sandbank between Texel and Vlieland is the breading chamber of seals. Texel, Vlieland and Terschelling are situated close together. Yet those visiting these islands will discover completely different worlds. It’s possible to hop between these islands by small ferries.Between the islands and Holland is the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is teeming with life. Twice a day, the current of the flood tide brings water from the North Sea, rich in sediment and plankton, much of which sinks to the sandy bed.In addition, the shallow water of the Wadden Sea warms up rapidly in summer. This means that algae and seaweeds are able to grow quickly. They form the basis of the enormous wealth of food that supplies the inhabitants of the Wadden Sea -countless fish, birds and seals.It’s worth visiting the Wadden islands of Holland. To reach the islands you must to take a ferry from Den Helder for Texel. A ferry from Harlingen for Vlieland and Terschelling, A ferry from Holwerd for Ameland and a ferry from Lauwersoog for Schiermonnikoog.

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