Things I ALWAYS Tuck Away in My Travel Vest and Suitcase When I Travel

Its so easy! All you need are a couple handy items and traveling is a breeze. Here are my top 6 tips for packing your suitcase:1 – A small electric hot water heater (Mine looks like a extension cord with a large paperclip at one end) and a few packets of hot chocolate, or if you prefer tea or coffee. Instant soup packets are a winner too.2 – A net bag for dirty clothes and a few zip-lock bags for wet items. I also pack anything that could leak in a zip bag.. I stuff my socks into my shoes, pop them in a zip bag so other clothing does not get any dirt that happens to be on the soles.3 – I roll all garments so they can fit in the corners of the suitcase. I don’ t like creases where garments have been folded.4 – After I pack my bag, I weigh it on the bathroom scale. If it is over 20 pounds, I begin to figure what I can do without. 20 pounds is all I care to carry, unless I am going to fly and check the bag at the airport.5 – On the label on the outside of your suitcase, put only your name and note your address is on the inside of the case.. Put your address and name on the inside on top of your clothes. Be sure to include where you are going and where you are staying and a list of contents. So if your case gets mis-routed or lost they can find you. Then your suitcase can catch up with you. Do not put any valuables in the suitcase if you are checking it.6 – It doesn’t matter how one travels, it just seems the smart thing to do to carry valuables and necessities with you at all times… in a travel vest..

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